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Product Information

Ting Yen Chinese Super Green Tea - 8oz

Product Code: CHID4

This is a bag of Chinese Green Tea.

Our On San House Brand Green Tea begins with rich, fat tea buds picked with a very short spur of sprig. This little button of a sprig lightly embellishes the flavor of this green tea but not to the same extent that other MaoFeng – with longer sprigs – are intensified. Examining this tea, note that the buds are larger than the small emerging leaves accompanying them. In spring as more moisture becomes available to the tea bushes, their leaves expand quickly. The evidence of the bud being larger than the first leaf is your guarantee that these leaves were picked as the first rains began and no later. Though more rotund than Long Jing buds, these buds nonetheless resemble the petite little tongue of a sparrow’s hatchling. On San House Brand Green Tea buds specifically have a yellow hue reminiscent of ancient ivory. When infused, this yellow, ancient ivory quality becomes even more pronounced on the buds – a sure sign of this tea’s highest grade. If one examines the dry tea leaves carefully you will observe a fine downy cloak to them. You will also notice that the size of the pieces is very consistent, very homogeneous.

On San House Brand Green Tea breathes an enduring high fragrance from a crystal-clear, chartreuse liquor. The robust little buds plump up even more when steeped. The processing of our tea is precise and exacting - all stages are carried out in small batches, a gradual lowering of the drying temperature and a two-step cooling and reheating process which are all critical steps that must be painstakingly observed to produce delicately dried tea leaves with all of the rich green tea flavor locked inside.

Manufacturer: Ting Yen, Inc.



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