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Product Information

Ting Yen Chinese Jasmine Green Tea - 8oz

Product Code: CHIR4

This is On San House Brand Chinese Jasmine Green Tea.

Summer evenings in Fujian are infused with the heady fragrance of blooming jasmine. These pure white blossoms thrive in summer's heat, and open only at night. To preserve their scent, the flowers are plucked during the day and then in the evenings, when the flowers gradually open, they are added to fine green leaves. This process is repeated so that the tea leaves may absorb the sweet natural bouquet that makes this the most popular scented tea in China.

The full name of this famous Chinese tea is 'Snow Drop in Emerald Pool'. When this jasmine green tea is brewed in a transparent glass, the tea buds fall to the bottom while the white jasmine petals float on the surface of the glowing green water. This vision recalls snowflakes falling into an emerald pond. This tea has a very limited production. The tea is produced from high-quality, early spring tea buds and the hightest-quality, most delicate jasmine flower buds. The jasmine flowers are laid with the green tea for at least six long nights and a fair amount of the fine flowers are left with the tea leaves. The emerald-green infusion is long lasting, refreshing and cool. The fragrance endures like no other. This is one of the many organic teas that we offer.

Manufacturer: Ting Yen, Inc.



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