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Product Information

Curing Pills - Kan Ning Wan - Ku Ling Wan

Product Code: CURB2

This is a bottle of Curing Pills -  also called Kan Ning Wan, or Ku Ling  Wan.

Do you experience occasional stomach discomfort?

Looking for an all-natural supplement to help aid digestion?

Curing Pills are one of the most popular products in China, used to relieve common stomach discomfort and aid digestion.

Packaging: 30 capsules
Recommended Dosage: 2-3 capsules, 3 times per day

Curing Pills are one of the most popular herbal products in China, used widely to relieve common stomach discomfort associated with overeating, weak digestion, stomach upset, nausea gas or indigestion. This all-natural, herbal formula acts to regulate the digestion, disperse wind-cold and resolve dampness from the body. Curing Pills are a longstanding Chinese nutritional supplement which eases common digestive problems and helps restore good health.

Product Details

Curing Pills contain a precise formulation of fifteen different traditional Chinese herbs which act in harmony to offer a balanced, energizing formula. The formula is cooked as a tea, blending all ingredients prior to extraction to maximize the benefits of each individual ingredient while creating the synergy essential and unique to Chinese herbs. Low temperature processing is employed to slowly concentrate the extracts, protecting, releasing and maintaining all essential ingredients. Each capsule contains the following beneficial herbal ingredients:

Yi yi ren (Coix lachrymal jobi seed/Seeds of Job's Ears) - calms digestion
Cang zhu (Atractylodes lancea rhizome) - harmonizes digestion
Huo xiang (Agastache rugosa/patchouli herb) - transports dampness, harmonizes stomach
Hou po (Magnolia officinalis bark) - transform phlegm, ease digestive stagnation
Mu xiang (Aucklandia lappa/costus root) - promotes qi movement, aids digestion, relieves pain
Ge gen (Pueraria lobata/kudzu root) - nourishes body fluids, clears heat
Bai zhi (Angelica dahurica root) - expels wind-cold, clears swelling
Shen qu (Massa fermenta) - aids in digestion, harmonizes the stomach
Gu ya (Orzya sativa/rice sprout) - reduce food stagnation, strengthen stomach
Fu ling (Poria cocos fungus/mushroom filaments) - provides tranquility; relaxes muscles
Tian hua fen (Trichosanthes kirilowii root) - moistens lungs, drains heat, relieves toxicity
Ju hua (Chrysanthemum morifolium flower) - disperses wind, clears heat, calms qi
Ju hong (Citrus erythrocarpae/tangerine peel) - aids indigestion
Tian ma (Gastrodia elata rhizome) - clears lower wind heat or cold
Bo he (Mentha haplocalyx/field mint herb) - calms mind, expels heat, relieves cough



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